We have clean and reliable storage facilities. We also have all the required equipment for the handling of materials in and out of our warehouse.


We offer the service of cutting fabric according to the design approved by the client. All the necessary patterns and resources are used for maximum efficiency and costs reduction.


Our staff’s expertise is aimed to produce the highest quality embroidery to meet the expectations of our customers.

Screen Printing

Coval is an experienced company in the field of screen printing. Our staff is an expert on a variety of techniques and specialties that follow the requirements and specifications of each of our clients. Our techniques add value and quality to our products, which are offered at prices that enable our customers to be competitive in this industry.


Lamination is also known in the industry as bounding. We are experts and regional leaders of this unique technique. COVAL has many years of experience producing garments that require complex processes of this type.


We perform offset sublimation on a wide variety of fabrics. We pride on the excellent quality and durability of the finished products. Contact us for more information.


Our personnel are fully trained in modular system—which increases efficiency in the production process—and are committed to incorporate the quality system in the process. We pride ourselves on our cost minimization and on-time deliveries.


Our many years of experience allow us to offer the highest quality and efficiency in each shipment. We know that the process of packing is critical, so we work with zero-tolerance practices and, by doing so, we achieve on-time delivery and costs decrease.