COVAL’s origins stem from family tradition. In the sixties, our family started the business in textile products at a nationwide level. In that same decade, the quality and commitment that distinguishes us allowed the business to grow and our products to be distributed in the region. We became a pioneer company in the manufacturing industry of clothing until the late eighties. At the beginning of the next decade, in 1992, a new generation took over the business and decided to establish COVAL. At that time, El Salvador was experiencing a robust growth of the textile assembly-line and COVAL was a venture that sought to combine the family values ​​and traditions with the innovation and standard of the time.


COVAL began with a few lines of machines and, at least, a dozen employees. Currently, COVAL has multiple facilities and employs more than 1000 workers in different areas of production and administration.


Since early 2000, COVAL has gained international recognition. We’ve added more features and operational processes in order to become more competitive in the international market. We are authorized to manufacture many brand products in all production processes: cutting, screen printing, sublimation, embroidery, sewing, packaging, and shipping. For the production of fabric and, as the need arises, we have partnerships with local factories in order to meet our costumers’ special requirements.


During the last 10 years, COVAL has earned high marks from international auditors due to our strict compliance with the social guidelines of our customers. COVAL has obtained Wrap/Platinum, Walmart/Green certifications, among others. This makes us a stable company where you can confidently place your programs. We are proud to be Salvadorian and we persist in putting this pride in what we do. The quality of our products is not only guaranteed but also consistent.