Vision: To position our company as one of the best in the industry at an international level through the provision of the highest quality in all production processes. We are confident that this goal will help the growth of our country’s economy by increasing the sector of Salvadoran exports in the international market.

Mission: Make COVAL a source of employment, based on a comfortable and friendly work environment that relies on teamwork, and which end products are delivered on time and with high quality to all our customers.

Values: COVAL core values ​​are:

  • Loyalty: We have a mutual responsibility between employers and employees based on honesty, fairness and recognition of individual and team contribution.
  • Teamwork: Together we participate in creating conditions for fair and target-oriented employment.

Policy: COVAL is a company that provides security, hygiene and an excellent working environment in all operational areas. We offer equal employment opportunities and we aim to retain our human resources as the most valuable asset our company possesses.